Sustainability foundation

Our focus areas are supported by ongoing work that encompasses a number of fundamental sustainability issues and lay the foundation for our business.

We want to drive a sustainable transition along our value chain. With a stable sustainability foundation as the basis, we can contribute to reduced fossil dependence and transition to a climate-neutral society.

The sustainability foundation is divided into six different areas and takes off in the forest, where our raw material originates

Sustainable wood supply

Responsible supply chain

Engaging workplaces

Resource-efficient production

Partnerships & community engagement

Responsible business

Impact in our value chain

The sustainability foundation and the focus areas contribute both to maximizing positive and minimizing negative impacts along the value chain. Read more about our responsibility and impact along the value chain in our sustainability report.

See also

Sustainability reporting

Our sustainability report is an important tool for engaging stakeholders as well as mapping, assessing and powering our sustainability work.

Sustainability targets

Our sustainability work is driven by a number of tangible and ambitious targets that help us to steer our strategy and daily operations.

Our work and Agenda 2030

We share the UN’s belief that inclusive and sustainable economic growth is essential for prosperity.