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A strong gift protected by Pure White

More than 327-year-old Dutch distillery of the Nolet family decided to take further steps in sustainability by making gift packs consisting of one material only. But how do you package a bottle and glasses in paper to maximize both shelf appeal and protection? BillerudKorsnäs Pure White fulfils all the criteria to be part of the perfect packaging for a Ketel One Vodka gift pack.

For many years, Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, Holland, has offered its American consumers the opportunity to buy the exclusive Ketel One Vodka 750 ml bottle in a gift pack. For a few years, the packs – packaged in a corrugated box with plastic interior and window – have also included branded vodka glasses.

But Nolet, founded in 1691, not only strives for the best quality vodka, but also for the most sustainable packaging. To this effect, a project team with members from converter packit! and strategic packaging consultant PACKZ, set out to develop a gift pack made out of 100% corrugated board.


Pure White is made of 100% primary fibres from well-managed Scandinavian forests.


Natural fibres make Pure White hygienic and pure – and optimal for use in food product packaging.


Intelligent design and primary fibres make Pure White both strong and light – a perfect combination for protection and lightweighting.


Pure White provides outstanding shelf impact thanks to its white, bright and glossy surface, with minimised washboarding.

The team was able to develop and design packaging which presented the bottle and glassware in an appealing way, and could keep its shape and contents intact in transport.

Needless to say, the gift pack is more visible on the shelf, and shoppers are able to touch and feel the bottle and glasses when making the decision to buy it.

The challenge was to design a sustainable and appealing gift pack matching our high-quality standards, and to make sure that the gift pack could withstand the supply chain from the Netherlands to USA and the consumers’ homes.
Bob Nolet, Nolet Distillery
In the food and beverage market we have a long-term relationship with BillerudKorsnäs and know that their paper works well in our machines. The Pure White liner has high whiteness without the need for optical brighteners. In this case, our client required a fully white paper so that the end customer would find the appearance attractive. This was another reason to choose Pure White.
Walter Freimüller, packit! Verpackungen GmbH



Ketel One Vodka –
NOLET Netherlands
Diageo USA

Strategic Packaging consultant:

PACKZ Netherlands


packit! Verpackung,




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