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By working in production at Billerud, you become part of our manufacturing process, from wood to sustainable packaging material.  This contributes to a sustainable future – and something to be proud of! 

We take pride in the work we do, and our complex process requires over 100 different skills to keep it running every day of the year. With 150 years of experience under our belt, we're confident in our ability to excel in our field. Together, we share a vision for a sustainable future and strive to create a safe and supportive workplace where we can grow, have fun, and support each other.

If you're passionate about producing sustainable packaging, check out our available positions.

Meet our employees and learn more about our roles

At Billerud, we have many important roles that contribute to keeping our production running, such as forklift and train drivers, technicians in various areas, laboratory technicians, internal service and much more.

In the video, you will meet three of our employees in Skärblacka: Sofie, one of our Operators, Tilton, a Mechanic, and Magnus, an Automation Electrician. Learn more about their professions below.

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The role of a process operator exists in several places in production, from taking in wood and chips to rolling up the finished paper/cardboard for the customer. It is a varied job that mixes process monitoring with physical work in production, where problem-solving is part of everyday work. The main task is to maintain continuous operation year-round, which also means working in shifts - weekdays, weekends, day and night shifts, which are mixed with longer periods of rest. Within these roles, there are good opportunities for further development by learning more process sections and positions.

The sense of community among my shift team is very good. Even though the people who work here are very different, we take care of each other during the shift.

The role of a mechanic involves troubleshooting and repairing machinery such as motors and pumps through planned work orders and urgent operational disruptions. The work is carried out in close cooperation with colleagues and other professional roles within the process. The role of a mechanic is suitable for those who have a technical interest and enjoy tricky problem-solving. Digital development has led to new working methods, such as monitoring work and work orders through apps. The role of a mechanic is available as both day jobs and shift work.

There's almost something new every day.

Work in Electrical/Automation involves maintenance efforts related to our electrical equipment. We offer a mix of new and old technology, which makes it varied and challenging. The main task is to perform maintenance and supervision on our instrument and electrical equipment, troubleshoot and repair. The role also involves reviewing and preparing instructions and background information. In the role, one faces new challenges and it's important to help out, have the right protective equipment, and enjoy an exciting everyday life surrounded by colleagues.

It's exciting to work with both old and new technology

Why should you work with us?

We put safety first

Safety is the foundation in all our work, and at Billerud, we want to engage all of our employees in preventing incidents and accidents.

Sustainability in focus

We are a provider of sustainable paper and packaging used by millions of people every day.

Stable future

We have strong roots in the industry and the conditions for a stable future.

Development opportunities

We provide opportunities to develop and learn something new every day.

Our production units

Did you know..

...Billerud Gävle provides heat to 2/3 of the households in Gävle? Read more about Gävle mill. Frövi, there is a paper mill museum that showcases different methods of papermaking from the late 1800s until today's process? Read more about Frövi mill.

...Gruvön mill has the world's oldest operating recovery boiler and the world's most modern carton machine? Read more about Gruvön mill.

...Karlsborg mill generates more than 70% of the electricity we consume through our turbine, Elmer? Read more about Karlsborg mill. 2018, the entire PM10, one of the world's largest MG machines, was moved from Finland to Skärblacka mill? Read more about Skärblacka mill.

...our mill in Pietarsaari produces world-leading kraft and sack paper for food packaging and carrier bags? Read more about Pietarsaari mill.

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