Sustainable packaging for transport and display

Our food-safe papers for transport and display packaging include strong, humidity-resistant containerboard to reliably protect goods and papers with excellent display printability. All papers are made from primary fibres, sustainably managed resources and are fully recyclable in regular paper recycling. Our paper production in Europe is already 98% fossil free and by 2030, all integrated mills should be entirely fossil free.

Switch to paper

Package your products for transport and display with strong, durable, printable and food-safe paper for every application. We can guide you to the best option.

Reduce packaging

The impressive strength of our papers enables you to use less packaging, save costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Ask for an estimate of your savings.

Sustainable supply chain

Our sustainable packaging is more than just paper. Work with us and leverage one of the most sustainable supply chains in the packaging industry.

Types of packaging

Show you care. Switch to paper

Now you can wrap beverage cans with Xpression Wrap paper instead of plastic shrink film. Packaging costs and production efficiency will remain the same, while you save energy costs by eliminating shrink tunnel heating. Discover how easy it is to switch from plastic to Xpression Wrap paper.

Strong transport packaging for demanding supply chains

Billerud provides the strongest combination in corrugated transport boxes with its quality, durable liners and Billerud Flute®, the world's strongest semi-chemical fluting. This superior strength helps minimise damage and waste throughout the logistics chain, while using as little packaging material as possible.

In-store attraction with bright and pure displays

The gloss and smoothness of our coated liners offer greatest printability with maximum visual impact – whether you print in flexo pre-print, post-print, offset or digital. In addition, the strength, tensile stiffness and bulk of our liners minimises the risk of warped board, delamination and washboarding.

Reduce your carbon footprint for corrugated packaging.

There is no golden rule on how to create sustainable corrugated packaging. Instead, you have to think twice in many situations to make the right decisions. Learn more about where and why in order to minimise the total environmental impact in terms of CO2e.


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Why Billerud?

Work with us to find the best and most sustainable paper for your product.

As a world-leading producer of premium graphic and label papers, we can guide you to the right material, align packaging and paper with your brand, and meet the needs of your customers. Founded in the Nordics, we work with brands and converters in over 100 countries, challenging conventional packaging for a sustainable future.

Are you ready to improve your food and beverage packaging?

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See Also

Optimizing box performance

We offer packaging knowledge and guidance, ranging from choice of primary-based papers and corrugated board to design of smart packaging (shelf-ready) solutions. In our climate chamber at Box Lab, we simulate reality in a controlled environment and perform tests on various materials to find the best possible solution for each packaging.