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Calico Jack – a retailer with sustainability high on the agenda

Calico Jack is one of the leading fashion retailers in the Netherlands. Besides their physical store, their e-commerce business is getting more and more important. Their concept is simple and clear: 

Our store mixes and matches Italian sportswear, British cool, modern street & menswear with football culture and a punk edge: creating formal audacity.
Calico Jack

Sustainability has always been high on the agenda for Calico Jack. It is a word with different definitions: sustainability in the way of doing business, sustainability in the clothes they offer. Their customer is a conscious one and demands certain levels of it.

Quality of life is a life goal for us at Calico Jack. Quality of life is more than just wearing the right kind of fashion. It is also making sure the next generation can achieve that same goal. Therefore we’re very appreciative of BillerudKorsnäs giving us the opportunity to help safeguard a sustainable future.
Calico Jack

As the e-commerce part of the business grew, Calico Jack realized the impact of plastic packaging was impossible to ignore. Looking for a solution BillerudKorsnäs came in the picture. Starting this summer, Calico Jack’s high-end clothing brands will be sent in customised Xpression e-com mailing bags. Part of this launch was a social media campaign targeting their over 30.000 followers. Check out the pictures from the campaign below in the social media.


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