Region Europe

In region Europe, Billerud produces liquid packaging board, containerboard, cartonboard, kraft and sack paper. These products are made of virgin fiber and are sold in Europe and the rest of the world.

In Sweden, Billerud has the production units Gruvön, Gävle, Frövi, Skärblacka, and Karlsborg. These are all operationally integrated mills that produce carton and paper, as well as pulp. Additionally, Billerud has a facility in Finland, Jakobstad, that produces paper.

Our carton products include liquid packaging board used in food packaging for beverages and liquid food, containerboard that is used in corrugated cardboard and cartonboard for consumer products. Our Kraft paper is used for the packaging of dry food, carrier bags, and medical packaging. Our strong sack paper is used for building materials, industrial minerals, chemicals, and food for both humans and animals.

We are a world-leading supplier of liquid packaging board and offer highly competitive products for high-end segments in containerboard and packaging paper. We also hold strong market positions in kraft paper and sack paper.

Key facts 2023

Net sales
27 114 SEKm
2 753 SEKm

Sales by product category (2023)

Sales by product category Percent
Liquid Packaging Board 35
Containerboard 20
Kraft and speciality paper 14
Sack paper 11
Cartonboard 10
Pulp 10

Share of Group’s net sales (2023)

Europe 66
North America and other 34

Europe offers

Liquid packaging board – used for packaging beverages and liquid foods, including milk, juice and preserved foods. Billerud’s liquid board protects and preserves the contents, is stable and can satisfy most printing requirements.

Cartonboard – allows for unique designs and graphics, print quality, flexibility and moisture resistance. It is often used for consumer products where the packaging is part of the brand’s image, such as for exclusive drinks, beauty and healthcare products.

Containerboard – comprises fluting and liner products. Fluting is the wavy layer in corrugated board, which is used for fragile and heavy industrial products and in food packaging. Liner is the outer, printable layer of corrugated board boxes.

Kraft & speciality paper – used when there are high demands for strength, printability, pressure sensitivity, purity and/or flexibility. Billerud’s kraft papers are used for the packaging of dry foods, carrier bags and medical packaging.

Sack paper – a durable and strong paper that is used for sacks containing building materials, industrial minerals, chemicals and food for both humans and animals. Billerud’s sack paper ensures that sacks are strong enough to protect the contents and be filled without splitting or creating dust, which contributes to a clean and healthy work environment.

Market Pulp – offered from three of our mills in Europe. Softwood pulp from Gruvön, Skärblacka and Karlsborg mill. Pulp made of 100% primary fibers, ensuring first-rate quality in terms of strength and purity.