Billerud Sustainable Leadership

A vital part of Billerud´s strategy is our employees. It is through our employees that we will reach our goals and achieve our vision. Having dedicated employees who wants to be a part of our journey is necessary, and we know that commitment is largely built by our leaders. Employees who create sustainable products also need sustainable leaders.

Our top 150 leaders globally have together developed the concept, Sustainable Leadership, which consists of clear expectations of our leaders. We have then built tools and trainings to support the leaders to develop and deliver on these expectations. The core of the program is the leader, and that the focus should not only be to be able to run 60 meters, but that you have to be sustainable for a whole marathon.

The framework for Sustainable Leadership consists of five different areas that are essential for Billerud going forward, and each area is built as the leader’s promise to the employees. The core of the framework is the leader, which means a great focus on self-leadership and how you as a leader can develop, your well-being and how you last in the long run.

The framework is then broken down into specific behaviors and actions for each promise, and the skills that are required to deliver on these promises. Billerud has also built a brand new academy with leadership trainings for both new and experienced leaders, which builds these specific skills so that our leaders can deliver on the promises and develop as sustainable leaders.  

Meet Our Sustainable leaders

Linnea Danielsson

"I think the term “Sustainable leader” is wide and includes many important perspectives on leadership."

Risto Hovi

"I see it my responsibility to nurture talents, help them grow and be available for them."

Lisa Li

"As a Sustainable leader, you should be good at finding team's strengths and willing to offer a platform to show their talents."

Mikael Öijerholm

"A sustainable leader is someone who can manage a balance between driving performance and coaching employees to outdo and outgrow themselves"

Inger Heinke

"For me, it’s really about enabling a very high functional team to execute on a very clear strategy with meaningful value".

Johan Bågling

"The most important thing for me is that my employees feel confidence in me as a leader, because without that my leadership means nothing"

Åse Buvik

For me, it means creating the conditions for employees to achieve high goals while also feeling good and enjoying their work.

Johan Wallin

“I believe in freedom with responsibility, and that you develop by testing your own wings in a context with clear expectations and goals”

Agneta Funke

”I strive to provide the conditions for a sustainable way of working for both myself and my colleagues”