Now online retail can offer easy returns. For consumers and the planet.

Online retail packaging is more important than ever. Consumers demand great user experience, sustainability and easy returns. Strong Xpression E-Com paper mailing bags deliver on all accounts.


Discover our e-commerce specific paper for automated packaging machines

Up until now, paper has not been a viable alternative to plastics for automated packaging. Billerud Xpression E-Com AutoPack changes the situation, allowing retailers and third-party logistics providers to use paper instead.

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The choice of mailer bag material affects the customer experience, your company’s carbon footprint and the recyclability of your e-commerce packaging. Taking the right decision is not easy. In our E-com Knowledge Center, we share our online retail packaging insights with you.

Fight climate change with paper mailing bags – LCA study

When RISE (Swedish research institute) performed an LCA study, the result was clear: Bags made of Xpression E-com paper reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere over a life cycle, while plastic bags add CO2. Take part in the LCA study and get the details.

A floppy plastic bag or a strikingly printed paper bag with premium feel? If you could choose the packaging for your coveted designer sweater which one would it be? Chances are you would choose the paper packaging. Especially if you knew how easy it is to reseal and return.


Smart design engineering

Easy returns are more important than you think. 85% of customers won’t order more products from a brand if returns are complicated or inconvenient. On the other hand, 95% will happily buy more if returns are easy.* Xpression E-Com paper mailing bags can be designed in a number of practical ways to enable both easy handling and returns. The user-friendly opening is designed to enhance the “unboxing experience” and the built-in peel & seal re-closure strip secures hassle-free returns.


Strong sustainability claims

The bags are based on robust, strong Xpression E-com paper made of pure, primary fibres from responsibly managed Scandinavian forests. It is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable and available in 90g/m², 100g/m² and 120g/m². Expression E-Com offers high levels of durability that allow the bags to withstand the rigours of the e-commerce supply chain. The surface of the paper is also optimized for printing and brand expression.


An easy step to take

For brands, Xpression E-Com paper mailing bags are not only a natural next step, they also improve handling and logistics. Compared to boxes, the paper-based mailing bags are lighter, occupy less space in the customer fulfilment centres and are easy to fill. This speeds up processes and helps reduce handling costs. For converters, this step is equally easy. A packaging producer that wants to switch from single-use plastic to strong paper only needs to change what they put into the machine – no add-ons or extra investments needed.




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The natural choice for online retail. Durable and resilient paper for online retail mailing bags.
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Fight climate change with paper mailing bags

Bags made of Xpression E-com paper reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere over a life cycle, while plastic bags add CO2, according to the