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Here you will find information about Billerud's requirements for handling a supplier invoice, as well as invoice addresses and billing options for the group's various companies.

Invoice content

In addition to the general requirements of the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) for an invoice, Billerud Europe has its own requirements for the invoice to be approved and paid. If these requirements are not met, the invoice will be returned.

  • The invoice must be issued with the recipient's full legal name. See the list of Billerud Europe's invoice addresses, including VAT registration numbers.
  • The invoice must be marked with a purchase order number or reference person.

    • Purchase order number - numerical information that varies depending on the company within the group. Billerud's purchasers are responsible for providing this information at the time of order.
    • Reference person - first and last name of the requester.
  • Billerud requests that the supplier include their email address on the invoice.

Send invoices to Billerud

Since April 1, 2023, Billerud Europe only accepts e-invoices and PDF invoices. We no longer process paper invoices or invoice reminders sent by mail, as these will be returned to the sender. This initiative aims to streamline the process and ensure that incoming invoices have the correct information and quality and are paid on time. It is also a step towards reducing our environmental impact.

Billerud Europe prefers to receive invoices through the following channels:

  • First preference: E-invoices via EDI
  • Second preference: E-invoices via Basware Supplier Portal
  • Third preference: PDF invoices via email

Billerud North America prefers to receive invoices through the following channel:

  • PDF invoices via email

More information about billing options and where to send invoices can be found here:


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