Engaging workplaces

It is the skills, experiences, and engagement of Billerud’s leaders and employees that pave the way for value creation and continued competitiveness. Together we are building a company that is characterized by high business ethics, diversity, and inclusion.

Diversity is vital to success

We are convinced that having a diverse workforce in terms of gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, and ethnicity, brings important viewpoints to Billerud.

We also consider diversity to be about those characteristics that each employee has acquired in the form of experience and education, and these too are important aspects in our work to develop innovative products and new ways of catering to our customers. By working with inclusion, we aim to create workplaces where any individual or group feels welcomed, respected, supported and valued, to work without fear of discrimination.

Billerud has been working for many years to achieve a better gender balance with targets to increase the proportion of female people managers as well as the overall proportion of female employees within the company.

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Sustainable leadership and employees that drive change

Sustainable leadership capable of effectively leading, engaging, communicating and driving change is a key element in attaining our mission. With this in mind, Billerud has designed the Sustainable Leadership program, which basically involves making the expectations and requirements we set for our leaders clear and formulating this as our leaders’ promise to employees.

In addition to sustainable leadership, we need a sustainable workforce. This is done through our Sustainable Employees program, which aims to provide each employee with the best possible conditions to develop, perform and contribute to our business, while continuing to develop in their current role or take the next step in their career with us.

We need the competencies of the future

We work on skills supply in the short and the long term with the aim to ensure that our employees will have opportunities to develop together with us in order to meet our future challenges. We are also proud to say that we are a rated as an employer where you can to develop and pursue a great career. 

In several surveys, it shows that Billerud positions itself as one of the best employers in Sweden.

Flexible benefits for employees in Sweden

Employees are offered the possibility of working remotely up to two days per week on average, as long as the position does not require presence at the office or mill. All Swedish production units have local agreements on flexible working hours. This normally applies to day-time work but for some local agreements also applies to shift workers.

For parents we offer: 

  • Paid parental leave in accordance with collective agreement or parental salary during parental leave 
  • option for part-time work for parents with children under the age of 8, in accordance with national legislation 
  • possibility to accommodate breast-feeding at work if needed

Read more in our sustainability report and in this document with additional information and data related to human resources.


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