Our business is paper and pulp, but our success is all about people. That’s why attracting and developing top talent is so important to our future. We have developed strong internship and co-op programs for those interested in exploring a rewarding career in the field of pulp and papermaking.

Interns/Co-ops at Billerud North America

The paper and pulp field is an exciting blend of forestry, manufacturing, supply chain management, engineering, power generation, marketing, sustainable operations and much, much more. Here you’ll find a friendly, nurturing culture and work environment where you can learn a lot in a very short time—knowledge and skills that will serve you for your entire career, regardless of the field you ultimately choose.

From your first day, you will have opportunities to get hands-on experience and apply what you have learned in school. In addition, you will mature professionally and expand your knowledge working one-on-one with mentors and interacting with a team that listens to your ideas, values your input, and provides feedback to help you grow and get better at what you do.

Our whole goal: to provide a safe, challenging and fulfilling experience that we hope will develop into long and rewarding careers for the next generation of talent.

Get to know our interns


Mechanical Engineering Co-op,
Quinnesec Mill

“I was very impressed with this company. I cannot think of a company that offers such a diverse range of opportunities under one roof. Internships and co-op positions expose you to an incredibly wide range of business functions—paper machine equipment, inventory and logistics, chemical prep and handling, steam and power generation, wood procurement and processing, water, effluent and solid waste management, marketing, and a lot more. This company strives to have a world-class safety and environmental culture. They set clear expectations and provide learnings that you can use for the rest of your career.”


Pulp Mill Co-op,
Chemical Engineering,
Quinnesec Mill

“I have really enjoyed learning about the papermaking process. Working directly with experienced leaders in this field, the balance between hands-on work in the process and projects in the lab was really rewarding. I was surprised by how involved the process is and how much goes into making paper. Outside of work, I’ve loved hiking to all the nearby waterfalls. The size of the community and surrounding area is perfect for me—not too big and not too small.”


Power and Utilities Intern,
Chemical/Paper Engineering,
Quinnesec Mill

“I enjoy my coworkers. They’re all very personable and relatable, which makes for a really fun work environment. I have also found the mentor relationship to be very valuable and beneficial. The variety of projects I’ve been involved with relate to what I am learning in school and also allow exposure to different parts of the process, including functions like water treatment, waste water and boilers. It’s great feeling like my work is valued by the department. Outside of work, I really enjoy playing volleyball and golf with other Verso team members. There’s a lot to explore in the surrounding area.”


Electrical Engineering Co-op /
Process Control Intern,
Quinnesec Mill

“What I like about this company is that you are working on something with a real impact. You aren’t designing a part of a part of a part of something; you’re essentially designing or upgrading a change in the process. Just within Electrical Engineering there’s a variety of projects that can help you find an area you’re interested in to guide career choices. What a co-op teaches you that a class may not is communication skills and a sense of responsibility that help you grow, both as an engineer and as a human.”


Paper Machine Co-op,
Chemical Engineering,
Quinnesec Mill

“This has been such a positive and educational experience for me. One of my favorite aspects of working here is how many different people you work with and how much you learn from each of them. With some internships and co-ops, you can end up doing work that seems meaningless or tedious. That’s not the case here. I’ve been given important tasks that really matter to the company. Another great thing about working here is the safety culture. They really go the extra mile to ensure that safety is at the forefront of everything that happens. Outside of work, there are so many fun things to do, especially outside.”


An opportunity to turn an great experience into a rewarding career.


Our internship/co-op program compensation and benefits:

  • Competitive salary based on education and work experience
  • Matched with a technical mentor (provides work direction and answers questions)
  • Housing allowance (up to $500, if living more than 50 miles from home)
  • Networking opportunities (both inside and outside of work)
  • Sign-on bonus and paid vacation days (for students accepting a >6 month co-op experience)

If you become a full-time employee, you will also receive:

  • Student loan payback and tuition reimbursement
  • Best-in-class comprehensive benefits package
  • 401K match
  • Incentives for healthy lifestyle

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