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Add paper for better crops

Every year more than a million tonnes of plastic film are used all over the world for mulching – to protect crops and give better yields – with polluted soil and plastic waste as unwanted side-effects.

Walki® Agripap, the first paper-based mulching solution, is the sustainable alternative that doesn't harm the environment.

Finnish technical laminate and packaging producer Walki’s new organic soil mulching solution Agripap is completely biodegradable and becomes part of the soil after use. It is based on kraft paper from BillerudKorsnäs and the first of its kind in the market.

Traditionally, plastic films – typically polyethylene – are used in vegetable, berry and fruit production to prevent weed growth and raindrop- and wind-induced erosion, and to control soil temperature and moisture. Mulching like this improves soil fertility and reduces the need for pesticides, irrigation and fertilisers. But after use the film waste is often put in a landfill or recycled at high cost. In addition to this, the residues left by the plastic pollute the soil, with 20 percent lower yields as a sad result.

The benefits for the farmer of switching to BillerudKorsnäs paper include less material handling, no collection and disposal, and increased profits. The benefits for the planet are equally great, as plastic waste is reduced and less plastic residue pollutes the soil.

Walki – a leading global producer of technical laminates and protective packaging – has already run successful tests of Agripap in both Sweden and Finland and is now looking to complete the testing in Europe’s main mulching markets Spain, France and Italy.

Walki® Agripap gives you:
- Excellent weed control
- Optimised growth conditions and crop yield
- Lower carbon footprint
- No soil pollution
- Less handling and transport