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Packaging that tells a good story

New techniques for unfolding your brand. Even a small package can carry all brand communication you could possibly wish for. Your packaging can be used as a door that opens up to hidden worlds of experiences, information and entertainment. All is easily accessed via smartphone apps.

Near field communication (NFC)
Nfc is a short distance radio function. A package fitted with an NFC tag communicates with certain smartphones. It's an impressive hi-tech feature that can be used as payment systems, loyalty programmes etc. The required proximity for communication, using current technology, is approximately 10 cm.

Holographic printing
Holograms are more than just a cool visual feature. They can be used to prevent forgery, tampering and counterfeits. Hard to copy, the hologram identifies a package as the authentic thing. Holograms are applied as hot foil or adhesives.

QR code
The code usually contains an url. You scan the code using the QR reader app on your smartphone or tablet to access a website with content such as films and presentations. Content can also include PDFs for user instructions, medical information sheets, recipes, certificates, declaration of contents, etc.

Superficial difference
A fine printing surface, such as the smooth and high-white surface of BillerudKorsnäs cartonboard, is a perfect substrate for advanced printing techniques. The triple coating ensures excellent print results and highfidelity reproduction. To make best use of the new printing techniques, you have to select a material with outstanding printing properties.

Trends and printing techniques
With these new techniques, packaging can do more than offer protection, ease of handling and product identification.


  • Spot colour
  • Matt and gloss varnish
  • Embossing
  • Die-cutting

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