Trends that shape Future Business Perspectives

Challenge conventional packaging – trends that shape Future Business Perspectives: In the BillerudKorsnäs trend report we present six perspectives how to respond to the megatrends that influence the world at large, and will be most influential for any business going forward.

While these megatrends continue to shape our world, needless to say they will have an effect on how we do business in the future, not only in packaging, but across all industries.

Six Future Business Perspectives

  1. Problem-solving for megacities
  2. Enable helpful brands to succeed
  3. Design for no humans
  4. Generate, share and profit from data
  5. Capture the real value
  6. Make it user-oriented for real
This report identifies six Future Business Perspectives that relates to the megatrends that we all recognize are having an impact on how the world is developing. As you read this report, you will notice connections to one or several megatrends in each Future Business Perspective, as it is never a single force that drives change and development in business.
In the coming year, we will work with customers, partners and other stakeholders on identifying packaging opportunities for BillerudKorsnäs and the packaging industry as a whole, in order to make sure we are ready for the challenges to come. By aligning business area targets, trends, consumer insights and R&D initiatives, we continue to challenge conventional packaging and shape the future of packaging!

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