Softwood Pulp

Strong and pure

Billerud Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK) pulp is made of 100% primary fibers from Scandinavian spruce and pine. In the harsh climate, coniferous trees grow slowly and develop long fibers that can be recycled five to seven times. NSBK pulp enables an efficient manufacturing process resulting in strong, pure and first-class products.


Wood from Swedish forests is the natural source for the manufacture of pulp and paper – a growing, renewable resource.


It is cost-effective and simple to recycle paper products, provided that fresh fibers are continuously added to maintain the recycling loop.


Unlike plastic materials, paper products biodegrade if they end up in nature – often they can even be composted.

Production units

Billerud NBSK Gruvön (Central Sweden)

  • A flash-dried pulp from pine and spruce
  • Excellent bulk and tear strength, with a tear/tensile factor to match
  • Suitable for all sorts of end-use applications, incl. specialties like filter paper

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Billerud NBSK Karlsborg (Northern Sweden)

  • A long-fibre pulp from pine and spruce
  • Long, extremely slender and thin-walled fibers from slow-growing trees
  • Flexible fiber that beats easily and provides excellent fiber-bonding, hence superb tensile strength at low energy consumption

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Billerud NBSK Skärblacka (Central and southern Sweden)

  • A long-fiber pulp produced from pine and spruce
  • Strong, flexible fibers for strength and printability
  • Medium-collapsible fibers with high stiffness for excellent bonding properties

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