Diversity and inclusion

At Billerud, we care about everyone's equal value. We have a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination, bullying, and sexual harassment and we place the highest value on all employees feeling good and thriving in their roles.

We see inclusion and diversity as keys to continuing to grow and create global value in our mission to contribute to a sustainable tomorrow together with our customers, partners, and employees. Each of us has a responsibility to embrace and strengthen Billerud's diverse and inclusive workplace.

At Billerud, we develop as a company and as individuals by:

  • Benefiting from each other's differences.
  • Benefiting from different experiences and perspectives.
  • Taking care of each other.

The equal value of all people

All Billerud employees must be ensured equal rights and opportunities and thereby equal value. To keep women colleagues and attract more women to the company, Billerud is actively engaged in work to improve gender equality. The aim is to create the conditions that will enable the company to exploit the full potential of all employees.


In Billerud’s opinion, a successful company needs to attract, recruit, retain and develop all the skills that exist among its employees, and to draw benefit from the differences between individuals. That is why we at Billerud are working actively to recruit more female employees. Two sustainability goals for the equality work are to increase the proportion of female employees to 23 percent, and to boost the share of female executives to 30 percent by 2020 – goals we are already close to fulfilling.

At the same time, however, the number of female students taking engineering courses is falling in Sweden. Figures published by Statistics Sweden (SCB) reveal that only 34 percent of students starting engineering programmes in the autumn term in 2016 were women, and that in 2030, only 25 percent of engineers in Sweden will be women.

Billerud operates in a traditionally male-dominated sector at the same time as the share of female students following technical education programmes is declining. We want to change this situation, which is why we consider IGEday to be an excellent initiative – one we are keen not only to participate in, but also to support. Billerud have participated annually in the event since 2015 and we are proud to be the main sponsor of the initiative again during 2023. In this way, we hope to be able to encourage more young girls to develop an interest for a future role as engineer! IGEday is an initiative from the Womengineer organisation and engineering students, intended to boost interest in technology and engineering among young girls. Click here to find out more about IGEday.

Read more about how we work with gender equality, diversity, safety and human rights under our sustainability pages.

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