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    Food & Beverages

    Sustainable Packaging - Oatly Case

    Here is how BoxLab engineers helped Oatly reduce the carbon footprint of their secondary packaging. What Oatly was after, to begin with, was to...
    Consumer & Luxury

    In fashion: E-commerce packaging made of paper

    In recent years, European packaging manufacturer Bong has seen a growing demand for paper packaging. Consumers pay attention to sustainability...
    Food & Beverages

    Wolf Nudeln - A choice for the future

    Together with machine producer Syntegon Technology, BillerudKorsnäs has developed an alternative to packaging pasta in plastic bags.

    Cartonboard replaces plastic at construction sites

    CrownBoard Craft™ is probably the strongest cartonboard in the world, made of 100% primary Nordic wood fibres and engineered in multiple layers.

    QuickFill Clean® - breathe naturally

    QuickFill Clean is the latest innovation in the cement industry allowing cement manufacturers that use woven polypropylene (WPP) sacks to...
    Food & Beverages

    Billerud collaborates with Arttek Solutions to replace plastic straws in India

    Manufacturer of sustainable paper straws, Arttek Solutions in Bengaluru India, under the Arttek Enviro brand, is dedicated to the exciting task...

    Nothing should last forever neither should packaging

    Four billion tonnes of waste are produced in the world every year and plastic particles can be found in all our oceans. How will that impact the...
    Food & Beverages

    Proven to be cool

    Rushing to the train, grabbing a cup of coffee – and not quite getting a grip because it is too hot. We’ve all been there. In the past the...
    Consumer & Luxury Food & Beverages

    Big results in small print runs

    Digital printing gives you high quality print, slashed lead-times and high cost efficiency in limited print runs. Different digital technologies...

    Packaging that tells a good story

    New techniques for unfolding your brand. Even a small package can carry all brand communication you could possibly wish for. Your packaging can...
    Food & Beverages

    Good food deserves good packaging

    Atria’s new chicken cold cuts under the Lönneberga brand are packaged on FibreForm trays. The material and packaging expertise is supplied by...

    What if packaging could just disappear?

    At BillerudKorsnäs we firmly believe that packaging can be part of the solution to environmental challenges. That is why we are delighted to be...
    Consumer & Luxury

    Shape inspired by nature

    Consumer packaging for perfume, converted and printed on Billerud White 270 gsm. A lightweight pack with a clean, fresh appearance. Billerud...
    Consumer & Luxury

    Precious impressions

    Your packaging is an important part of the brand experience. When you realize this, you can use the packaging to your advantage to add value to...
    Food & Beverages

    ALB-GOLD - Soul food packed in paper

    ALB-GOLD Pasta in Billerud Axello®ZAP Paper  -  An awarded concept    A number of factors; paper from sustainable forestry, low emission...
    Food & Beverages

    Keeping us safe - the invisible role of packaging

    The role of packaging for direct food contact is more important than ever. Quality fresh food deserves quality material without compromise.
    Food & Beverages

    Packaging is the hero in the battle against food waste

    Why throw away food and be forced to buy more? To battle food waste, we need to change behaviors. The winning concept in Pack Challenge 16 is...

    Value for premium brands

    Is a conventional packaging solution good enough for you? Or you may be looking for enhanced consumer appeal, more cost-effective converting...
    Food & Beverages

    The first sealed paper packaging

    Conventional packaging for dry foods such as flour and sugar has several benefits – and several environmental drawbacks. Plastic bags are leakage...

    Let's not forget the millennials

    Are you paying attention to the millennials? We find out what these influential consumers think about packaging sustainability.

    Billerud Flute delivers more savings than expected

    A BillerudKorsnäs customer in Spain discovered this after having a Technical seminar. They were convinced to evaluate Billerud Flute® of a lower...
    Consumer & Luxury

    An ocean of possibilities

    The art of making an impressive box for fine champagne, whisky or other luxury drinks is a complex business. You need to combine ultimate...
    Consumer & Luxury

    Online retailers show keen interest in sustainable packaging

    E-commerce has grown tremendously during the covid-19 pandemic. Even online sales of traditional brick-and-mortar companies are now projected to...

    Design as a Service Helps You Optimise Your Product Packaging

    Billerud’s Design as a Service (DaaS) provides customized solutions for brands seeking to optimise package design. With a focus on...

    Key Packaging Trends 2021

    Beyond the Global Pandemic

    Case Study: Traeger Grills

    When Traeger wanted to remove foam and plastic from their packaging, they turned to Billerud Managed Packaging for a revamped customer experience...