The ultimate bag-in-box

With this strong bag-in-box, you can retain a long-lasting premium look with less washboarding, folding cracks and bulging. Thanks to excellent printability, it can maximize your shelf impact and at the same time minimize the use of material and CO2 emissions. All without compromizing on durability and protection.

Less bulging, folding cracks and washboarding

Excellent paper strength and robust construction ensures durability and preserved looks even in demanding logistic chains.

Shelf attraction

Our coated outer liner has excellent printability and color reproduction. This enables captivating visual effects and a premium look.

Save 15% paper material

Our virgin fiber material is so strong you can use 15% less packaging material compared to a standard solution.

Less washboarding, folding cracks and bulging

The strong virgin fibers in our material make a huge difference to this bag-in-box compared to standard solutions on the market. Only virgin fibers have the durability to withstand demanding logistic chains and achieve a long-lasting premium look.

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Strong branding and shelf impact

The premium coated white top outer kraftliner offers excellent printability and color reproduction. Its surface is also suitable for effects such as embossing, lacquering, varnishing and foiling. This allows you to create box designs that capture attention and elevate your brand above the competition.

Reduce packaging material and CO2 emissions

Using a stronger material enables you to use less material. Lightweighting is not only good for your business, it also minimizes the carbon footprint of your packaging. With Billerud material you also take advantage of our 97% fossil-free paper production using raw material from responsibly managed forests. In addition, recyclability is made easy for consumers too.

*Compared to standard European solution:
Outer liner: European Coated White Top Testliner 230 g/m2
Fluting: HP Medium 160 g/m2
Inner liner: Brown Kraftliner 186 g/m2

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