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Conventional packaging is based on specifications and standards dating back 40 to 50 years.Today, there are new ways of engineering materials. Methods for adapting the packaging to the real demands of the chain and to validate box performance over time in varying conditions – a concept we call True Performance. In this Knowledge Center, we share our packaging science insights with you.

Technical insights

On this page we will give you insights on packaging and material engineering.

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Our packaging knowledge is based on solid science, provided by combining expertise and high-tech equipment.

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With the right knowledge you can optimize your current solutions, or get inspiration to develop new boxes.


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Reduce your carbon footprint for corrugated packaging.

There is no golden rule on how to create sustainable corrugated packaging. Instead, you have to think twice in many situations to make the right decisions. Learn more about where and why in order to minimise the total environmental impact in terms of CO2e.

Go circular. All the way.

What is sustainable packaging? When are primary fibres a better choice than recycled fibres? How can you be sure that your fibres originate from responsible forestry? Get the answers and gain the knowledge you need to go circular – all the way.

Reduce washboarding with the right liner

There is elegance in nature’s shapes. Beauty and grace in wrinkles. But washboarding in corrugated materials creates an unaesthetic topography and compromises print quality.

With corrugated boxes you can measure success

A computer doesn’t need to be big to be powerful these days. Still, we measure paper used for corrugated packaging in a way that favours thick papers over papers with lower grammage. We have scientific proof there are better ways.

Have you considered relative humidity?

Paper for boxes is usually tested at 50% relative humidity (RH). But corrugated solutions often have to handle up to 90% RH – always in cold-chain transport. This is our explanation of the phenomenon relative humidity.

Customisation is the future

Digital print has been around for over 25 years. Now corrugated packaging is beginning to reap the benefits, such as customized, short runs. But to understand the possibilities, you have to be aware of the basics.

A clever option for food contact

Packaging should protect its contents, not endanger it or the end user. In the absence of applicable food packaging legislation, this is why corrugated board made from primary fibres might be a clever option.

Tough challenges demand True Performance

To understand the true conditions that transport packaging is exposed to in the entire supply chain, we have developed a concept called True Performance. It is about validating box performance over time in varying conditions under constant load.

At your service, adding value

We work hard to secure a seamless supply of our material to you, and to give you the support you need when and where you need it. If you want to optimise the packaging you produce or need technical consulting, our services will help you on-site. Our global network is the foundation of our services and an unparalleled asset. You are welcome to take full advantage of it.

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Our technical expertise is close at hand to ensure that the material we deliver to you run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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Smarter Packaging Services

Using the design and engineering knowledge and experience in our BoxLab, you can be sure of the best corrugated packaging solution for your customers’ needs – giving you sustainable and profitable business relationships

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