There is no golden rule on how to create sustainable corrugated packaging. Instead, you have to think twice in many situations to make the right decisions. Learn more about where and why in order to minimise the total environmental impact in terms of CO2e.

How to reduce the emissions of your corrugated packaging

Energy sources and consumption

A corrugated packaging goes through many steps before arriving at the final customer. Usually, the most energy-demanding step is to produce the paper for the packaging. Therefore, make sure that the paper you use is produced efficiently and with a sustainable energy source, such as fossil-free biofuel. In our european production, 97% of the energy we consume and 100% of the electricity we purchase are fossil-free.

Think twice – is your current packaging produced with sustainable energy?


Choice of fibres

The choice of fibre depends on your application. Recycled fibres are suitable for less demanding and non-food contact packaging due to weaker and sometimes contaminated fibres. Primary fibres are strong and pure, making them beneficial for visually appealing, low-weight packaging as well as for food packaging.

Primary fibres are also necessary to feed the loop of recycled fibres. Without adding primary fibres, the supply of recycled fibres would run out in a couple of months.

Think twice – have you chosen the right type of fibres for protecting your products?


Packaging optimisation

The strength of primary fibres has a significant impact on packaging optimisation. Strong fibres allow you to reduce grammage while keeping the strength. Every gram you reduce contributes to lower CO2 emissions.

Primary fibre packaging also endures humidity and load much better during demanding transport chains. This reduces the risk of product damage and waste as well as damaged visual appeal leading to returns and repacking of goods.

Think twice – can you reduce the weight of your packaging?


Billerud only use raw material from sustainable forestry, from areas where there is zero deforestation and there is a growing standing stock.

A sustainable approach includes that the fibers must originate from responsibly managed forests that is according to the principles of sustainable development that keeps the balance between ecological, economic and social aspects. Responsible managed forestry in mitigates climate change by boosting carbon storage in growing trees and thus contributes to a net removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Think twice – do you know the origin of the fibres in your packaging?


What is CO2e?

A carbon dioxide equivalent or CO2 equivalent, abbreviated as CO2e, is a metric measure used to compare the emissions from various greenhouse gases on the basis of their global-warming potential (GWP), by converting amounts of other gases to the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide with the same global warming potential.



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