Pure attraction with bright, biodegradable liners

Excellent print reproduction

Outstanding shelf impact thanks to liners that are white and bright with a glossy, attractive surface with minimised washboarding.

Strong enough to lightweight

The high quality and strength of our material mean we can reduce the weight of your packaging – bringing sustainability benefits and saving costs.

Pure product safety

Uncompromised quality, taste and odour with 100% primary fibres that comply with EC, FDA and BfR recommendations for food contact.

Liners from Billerud aren’t just attractive on the outside. They are high quality to the very core. Developed after years of research from renewable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging material, they have a long history of providing the benefits of smooth production processes, little waste and high yield.

Liners with an attractive outside …

Billerud coated liners offer great improvement potential for corrugated packaging in terms of print appearance, converting performance and sustainability. They are smooth, white and bright for best possible printability and color reproduction – whether you print in flexo pre-print, post-print, offset or digital. 100% virgin fibers and multi-ply constructions make them strong, stiff and reduce the risk of washboarding.

… and a smarter inside

The strength, tensile stiffness and bulk properties of our liners offer great lightweighting opportunities. High dimensional stability minimises the risk of warped board and delamination, as well as the risk of washboarding.

Quality material for quality food

The use of 100% natural fibres makes our white liners strong, hygienic and pure – and therefore optimal for use in food product packaging. We use approved controlled raw materials with EC and FDA compliance and BfR recommendations for food contact. We work according to the principles of the international food safety standards ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000.

Product range

Products Description and application
Pure Decor™
Light coated white top kraftliner. Based on 100% primary fibres. Available in 120, 145, 160 and 175 g/m2. Pure Decor™ specification
For high quality pre- and post-print flexo.
Superior print quality and image reproduction.

High strength offering considerable yield-saving potential.
Washboard reduction in post-print thanks to a multi-ply construction creating bulk and stiffness.

Used for shelf-ready packaging, food & beverage packaging and high value consumer goods.
Pure Supreme™
Double coated white top kraftliner. Based on 100% primary fibres. Available in 175 and 200 g/m2. Pure Supreme™ specification
Designed for high quality offset printing and litho-laminated packaging.

Superior print quality and reproduction of images.

High strength and bulk give considerable yield-saving potential. Can be supplied in sheets.

Used in applications where food safety is important.
Pure White™
Fully white kraftliner based on 100% primary fibres. Available in 80,110, 120 g/m2. Pure White™ specification
High and consistent whiteness with superior runability.

Two-ply construction combines excellent printability with high strength.

Primary fibres for ultimate strength and food safety.

Produced in compliance with FDA and BfR food packaging norms.

Mainly used for food applications including fruit and vegetables and shelf-ready packaging.
Pure Performance™
White Top Kraftliner based on 100% primary fibres. Available in 135, 160, 175 and 200 g/m2. Pure Performance™ specification
Three-ply construction for maximum strength

High smoothness for excellent print result

High strength and durability over time with constant load in tough climates

Offers opportunities to lightweight and minimize washboarding

Complies with EC, FDA and BfR recommendations for food contact

Used for processed food, fresh food, fruit & vegetables, beverages and consumer electronics

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Technical Services

Our technical expertise is close at hand to ensure that the material we deliver to you run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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Smarter Packaging Services

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