Billerud Flute® – a fluting to count on

Lightweighting potential

Stronger qualities perform better and allow you to use a lighter fluting for the purpose.

Strong protection

One of the world’s strongest flutings offers better protection with less material.

Innovation opportunities

A sustainable substitute for conventional plastic containers and wooden boxes.

Billerud Flute®, one of the world's strongest semi-chemical flutings, is made of 100% primary fibre from northern birch. Proven in tests like short span compression tests (SCT) and corrugated crush test (CCT), its superior strength leads to improved box performance, making it the perfect material for packaging fresh fruit and vegetables, and fragile heavy goods.

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Read more and get more in-depth information about our world-class fluting and liners in our brochure 'When packaging performance is essential'.

Lightweighting opportunities

Stronger than ever before, Billerud Flute® has improved strength properties to give you ample opportunity to lightweight existing packaging solutions. You can go down one step in grammage and reduce material consumption without compromising on performance.

A centre liner for strength and simplicity

Billerud Flute®, offers several new benefits. You can streamline in stock by also using Billerud Flute® as centre liner in double or triple wall constructions. Thanks to Billerud Flute®’s much higher compression strength compared to traditional Kraftliner, you can go down in grammage by up to 30% in the centre liner layer.

Replacing wood and plywood

Billerud Flute® has the strength to create a corrugated solution that can replace conventional wood packaging. A corrugated solution is lighter and reduces costs for freight, logistics and handling. The surface lends itself well to printing attractive images and the company brand. Billerud Flute® in 220 g/m2 is one of the world’s strongest flutings and challenges conventional packaging for heavy-duty goods.

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All our production units are certified according to PEFC™ and FSC® Chain of Custody and we issue a wide range of certificates
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