BoxLab is our knowledge center that you can turn to for expert advice on containerboard packaging. A unique science-based resource that is sure to improve your packaging in terms of performance, sustainability, and cost effectiveness.

Packaging optimization & Sustainability

We find the optimal board solution in terms of cost efficiency, performance, and sustainability

Research & development

We provide relevant and updated testing procedures to make packaging better

Seminars & workshops

We share knowledge on topics such as packaging performance, material science, and sustainability

Optimize your packaging

Higher performance, better appearance and a smaller CO2 footprint.

Let's improve your boxes

Whatever your current box specification – we can improve it! Watch the films on how we can optimize your box in terms of performance, appearance and sustainability benefits.

Performance: Packaging optimization

We optimize your packaging with a design and material mix that offer superior product protection even in challenging conditions. Boxes based on our primary fibres are stronger than recycled material and protect your product better. Because they are stronger you can use less material and reduce packaging weight, which results in lower cost. In addition, you save money by reducing risk of damage and product waste.

Watch: Talking Performance

Sustainability: Reducing CO2 footprint by 50%

Material made of our primary fibres is sustainable by definition. It's renewable, recyclable, biodegrable, and sourced from responsibly managed forests. Its strength allows for packaging weight reduction. Lower weight means that less raw material, water and energy are used, and transport and warehousing requirements are reduced. This means lower cost and reduced carbon footprint.

Watch: Talking Sustainability

Appearance: Looking good all the way

Appeal is partly about strength, about how the box looks when it reaches the end customer. Damaged packaging is damage to the brand. Drawing on our long experience, we know how to balance the mix of fluting and liner to prevent flaws like washboarding, folding cracks, weak edges and poor print results. We have our own selection of white top kraftliners to offer excellent print results regardless of printing method.

Watch: Talking Appearance


Let us show you how optimized packaging solutions can lead to concrete advantages such as reduced emissions, lower production costs, improved appearance and the confidence that a larger proportion of packaged goods will arrive safely.

How we work

Identify customer challenges

Analysis of conditions across the supply chain reveals the specific problems that need attention – and solutions.

Research, seminars & workshops

Our packaging engineers are involved in research and development, and share their knowledge and insights about materials, structural design, and sustainability.

Packaging optimization

At BoxLab, we have the expertise and the advanced equipment to test all relevant physical material properties and simulate real-life box performance.

Propose a solution

The packaging solution is devised to meet the defined targets of the project, ensuring performance, cost effectiveness and sustainability standards.

Run trials

To ensure efficiency and productivity in the converting processes, we can oversee trial runs on-site.

Deliver value

The aim is always to bring business value in a quantifiable way – in terms of cost, product protection and a reduced carbon footprint.

Watch the whole film to see our full service offer. For more insights, go to our Knowledge Center or get in touch with our experts to learn more about how to improve your packaging.


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Our knowledge and service are not restricted by geographical boundaries. Our local service specialists will answer in your local language and without delay.

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Technical Services

Our technical expertise is close at hand to ensure that the material we deliver to you run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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Smarter Packaging Services

Using the design and engineering knowledge and experience in our BoxLab, you can be sure of the best corrugated packaging solution for your customers’ needs – giving you sustainable and profitable business relationships

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