Optimize your boxes to meet demanding transport chains and reduce your CO2 footprint at the same time.


For decades, the BCT (Box Compression Test) has been used to establish the peak load of a corrugated box. But this fails to assess the box’s ability to withstand a load over time or its performance in different humidity and temperature conditions. This can either lead to overpacking and the unnecessary use of resources, or insufficient packing and the needless waste of products that are damaged during transport.

Our scientific True Performance Testing gives you a unique understanding of how to optimize packaging for its demanding value chain. Stronger, lighter boxes can save up to 40% in material, as well as reduce your packaging CO2 emissions and product waste.


A paper’s ability to carry load always reduces over time. But different papers lose strength differently.


Changes in humidity and temperature affect packaging performance. The factors are complicated, since different papers behave differently in different climates.


The traditional box compression test with safety factors does not differentiate between papers. With our test, you know the exact load your packaging can endure.

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The challenge: Creep

Creep is the slow, gradual deformation of paper and paper-based
packaging when exposed to constant load – like during freight
transportation. Eventually, creep leads to the collapse of the
packaging. The question is: when? Different papers have different
resistance – which is not captured by standard paper testing

The solution: Modern, scientific algorithms

Billerud’s True Performance Testing is based on modern, scientific algorithms and calculates the exact material and construction needs of your packaging. The graph shows how traditional Box Compression Test (BCT) can be misguiding. When adding time and humidity as factors it becomes evident that BCT becomes insufficient to judge the packaging performance. This is why our true performance testing adds important knowledge for optimization of your packaging.

Discover the true performance of your packaging

We invite you to discover the true performance of your packaging.
Our true performance testing is free and its results can reduce your
packaging material by 40% compared to the typical solution.
Exactly how much will you gain?

Increase your sustainability

We are 98% fossil free in our European production thanks to our use of biofuels. Our wood raw materials come from sustainably managed forests and we are committed to minimizing our water usage and our impact on water quality during our production. All this creates a more sustainable supply chain for you.

Sustainable Packaging – The Oatly Case

See how BoxLab engineers helped Oatly reduce the carbon footprint of their secondary packaging. Initially, Oatly was seeking to ensure reliable box performance. We ended up achieving a lot more by calculating the packaging’s true performance needs.