Virgin fibres can be a clever option for food safety

Packaging should protect its contents. Not endanger it – and the end user. That is why the discussion of food safety is both relevant and important. And in the absence of applicable food packaging legislation, this is also why corrugated board made from virgin fibres might be the best option.


EU legislation packaging material for food products states that material used for packaging food should not:

  • Endanger human health
  • Bring about an unacceptable change in the composition of the food
  • Bring about a deterioration in the organoleptic characteristics of food

In other words: packaging material for food products should not be unhealthy, change the food in an unacceptable way, or affect its taste and smell. But apart from this, there is currently no specific legislation in the EU that applies to paper and board intended for food contact. Material producers and converters have to demonstrate compliance with the Framework Regulation. This is often done by following national legislation or various industry guidelines.

In the absence of specific food packaging legislation, corrugated board made from virgin fibres can be a clever option.

Important factors in the circular economy

Why? One reason is that virgin fibre liners and fluting are important factors in the circular economy. They are based on renewable materials, and as recycled fibre, they later become an important addition to the manufacture of new packaging. Paper fibres can be recycled six to seven times and then recovered as energy.

To learn more about the other reasons why 100% virgin fibres might be the best option for food packaging and to get a deeper understanding of the challenges – feel free to download our white paper Corrugated board and food contact.

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Download - white paper – Food Safety
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