Show you care. Switch to paper.

Consumer and retail attitudes to traditional plastic packaging are changing, favouring circular and sustainable packaging. Now you can replace plastic shrink film with paper for wrapping beverage cans.

Xpression Wrap is a strong and sustainable paper, ready for use in KHS packing machines designed for paper wrapping. Switching from plastic to paper saves energy and is neutral in terms of production efficiency.

Get rid of plastics

Choosing paper for wrapping takes you one step forward.

Secure circularity

100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable paper.

Reduce costs

Lower energy consumption.


KHS GmbH / Frank Reinhold

Verified paper wrapping

Filling and packaging equipment manufacturer KHS has developed a paper wrapping module that replaces the plastic shrink film tunnel. The module is based on the established FullyEnclosed FilmPack system. Xpression Wrap is tested and approved by KHS for use in the module.

  • Up to 30,000 €/year* in energy savings (no shrink tunnel heating)
  • Same machine speed as for plastic

* With a shrink tunnel consumption of up to 72 kWh in two-shift operation for 300 per year, based on an electricity rate of 8.9 cents per kWh.

Optimised wrapping with Xpression Wrap

Xpression Wrap is made from strong, primary fibres. The fibre strength makes it possible to use a thinner paper, for example, 80 g/m2 instead of 100 g/m2, thereby reducing the weight by 20%. We help you select the ideal wrapping paper for your wrapping applications.

  • Less paper to buy (up to 20%)
  • Less paper to recycle (up to 20%)
  • Sustainable Kraft paper from 97% fossil-free production
We see a significant shift towards more sustainable paper packaging in the beverage industry.
Ernst van Wickeren, Packaging expert at KHS


Will paper protect my products as good as plastic shrink film?

Yes, this has been tested in transport tests. Xpression Wrap is a strong and resilient Kraft paper based on primary fibres. Wrapping with paper also protects your cans from soiling.

Is paper harder to unwrap than plastic shrink film?

No, the paper pack is held together with a few dots of glue which are easy to pull apart when opening the pack. In addition, both the wrapping paper and the paper tray can go into the same recycling system.

Besides consumer and retail demand, why should I start using paper?

Switching from plastic shrink film to paper wrapping of beverage trays reduces your company’s carbon footprint and prepares you for potentially tougher packaging legislation. Moreover, the paper goes into the normal paper recycling stream, moving to a more circular economy. In essence, you have packaging consisting of one material and not two materials that have to be separated and disposed of differently.

How many units can I pack per hour with paper wrapping?

KHS claims that you can wrap packs of 12 or 24 beverage cans at a rate of up to 6,000 units per hour, the same rate as with the shrink wrap module. Link:

How can I save energy on switching to paper wrapping?

According to KHS calculations, you can save up to 30,000 € yearly by replacing a shrink tunnel consuming 72 kWh in two-shift operations 300 days per year based on an electricity rate of 8.9 cents per kWh.

Do I need a KHS packaging machine to wrap with paper?

Yes. KHS has pioneered the packaging industry with its paper-wrapping module for replacing the plastic shrink film tunnel. The module is based on FullyEnclosed FilmPack, an already established system.

Can I wrap only beverage cans with Xpression Wrap?

No, any products packed in cans, glass jars, paper packs or plastic can be bundled and wrapped safely with Xpression Wrap. You will however need the appropriate machine for this. Please contact us if you need a reference for a machine to wrap your products.