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Based on extensive lab testing and more than 50 years of experience, Billerud is well skilled to recommend the best combination of paper, film and sealing conditions. Our experts will provide you with the best packaging recommendations for medical devices.

The combinations you need

Our experts recommend the suitable combination of medical paper, film and sterilization. Billerud SteriKraft® secures a microbial barrier from sterilization to point of use. We also have the ability to do test runs and produce medical packaging on our in-lab thermoforming line to test seals in real-life circumstances.

Safe all the way

Your medical devices are protected throughout the supply chain by the barrier of the paper. All our paper is made from 100% virgin fibers. This gives it the strength and flexibility to support package integrity – protected from sterilization to opening.

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With Billerud, you will get a seamless supply of material. Our support is always there when you need it. Optimizing your packaging? Technical advice? We will be there on-site. Our global network is the foundation of these services.

What are your special concerns and needs? The Medical Packaging Lab at Billerud can help you to find the right solution and the right medical papers for you. Welcome!

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Our laboratories provide the scientific methods and high-tech equipment needed to help you realize packaging solutions that improve product protection and customer appeal, while lowering your production costs and climate impact. Billerud’s leadership in packaging materials comes from many decades of research and development.

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