Billerud’s clean and well-controlled production ensures enhanced safety for medical professionals.

Billerud MediKraft® is a strong paper for applications that don’t require microbial barrier properties. The purity is excellent, from virgin fiber to product, thanks to a safe and well-controlled process with full traceability. The runnability is also very high. And so, MediKraft is the perfect choice for inner wrapping of single-use gloves, dressings and other medical articles.


Comprehensive quality control and full traceability.


MediKraft has excellent runnability and high strength. The high bulk and tensile energy absorption (TEA) of the paper enables lightweighting.


100% virgin fiber, purified pulp and a well-controlled production means enhanced safety.

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Partner with us and challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future by providing a secure protective barrier. Download brochure to learn more.

High-performing – excellent runnability and strength

The whole range has both high bulk and high tensile energy absorption. In given situations this offers possibilities for grammage reduction with maintained convertibility. MediKraft Light has excellent smoothness on the MG side due to the impressive drying performance of the Yankee cylinder during production. A smooth paper surface ensures better printability and lower ink consumption. The drying process also gives high surface roughness on the RS side. This provides optimal performance during converting and donning. Extensive quality control ensures consistent quality and efficient conversion operations.

Safe – with full traceability and control

Billerud’s internal pulp production gives us full control of the process. The quality control is comprehensive. There are no traces of Optical Brightening Agents (OBA) as we never use OBA in our mills.

Other advantages:

  • State-of-the-art Web Inspection System (WIS)
  • Internal bioburden lab
  • Approved for food contact
  • Quality control of the full machine width using Autoline lab equipment
  • Controlled climate in QC lab for reliable results
  • Standardized measurement methods in QC lab
  • Full traceability

Pure – down to every fiber

High purity is guaranteed through internal pulp production, using 100% virgin fiber. Bioburden and cytotox are well controlled. Other advantages:

  • Web Inspection System (WIS) control
  • No OBA at the mill
  • High tear strength reduces risk of material tearing and fibers being
    released when gloves are removed
  • No latex
  • Full traceability
  • 0% recycled fiber


Our products

A sustainable paper for efficient wrapping of surgical gloves

Discover the benefits of using MediKraft for the inner wrapping of single-use surgical gloves.

The examination table paper for fast and sustainable production

Discover the benefits of using MediKraft for healthcare examination table papers.

Safe wound care

MediKraft paper is excellent for sealed or PE coated wound care packaging. The pure Kraft paper creates safe product protection up until the moment of use.

Product range

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Billeruds papers for medical packaging are specifically engineered for different purposes. We ensure that every customer gets the most reliable and compatible materials for their production. At the core of this support is our 50 years of in-depth technical knowledge and data gathering used at our Medical Packaging Lab for tests and analyses. The lab will help you to maximize the unique performance of your packaging.

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