SteriKraft – strong and safe medical paper

Billerud SteriKraft® range is able to withstand exposure to various sterilisation methods, guaranteeing sterility and purity of the products. Packaging maintains its sterility for five years and is offered for all major sterilisation methods. A well-established, proven system that is fully certified to EN868 and ISO11607 8 (part 1) standards.

Product range

At your service, adding value

We work hard to secure a seamless supply of our material to you, and to give you support when and where you need it. Wherever you are in the world, we can work out the best supply model. To optimize the packaging you produce or if you need technical consulting, our services will help you on-site. Our global network is the foundation of our services and an unparalleled asset. You are welcome to take full advantage of it.

Supply Chain Services

In order to secure a seamless supply for process efficiency we have dedicated customer service specialists that answer your calls without delay.

  • Order confirmation
  • Deviation reporting
  • On-time in full tracking

Technical Services

Our technical expertise is close at hand to ensure that your operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Use our knowledge and experience to your advantage.

  • Proactive consultation
  • Workshops and training
  • Expert on-site support

Smarter Packaging Services

We can help you create new packaging for your customers, or improve their current solutions, giving you sustainable and profitable business relationships. 

  • Packaging innovation
  • Packaging optimisation
  • Education & Workshops
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