A 180° bendable paper straw for drink packaging

Straws of paper are not breaking news. But paper straws that are strong, last long without dissolving, and which are bendable without breaking – that is something the world has been waiting for.

The U-Bend straw is a patented solution and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic straws.

This is a user-friendly alternative for your everyday drinks. The end users will be consumers buying individual drink cartons filled with juice, milk or water. The U-Bend straw has been developed in partnership with the Paper Straw Co.

The Paper Straw Co, founded in April 2018, is a start-up business focused on the manufacturing of paper straws in the Manchester area. Through the close partner collaboration with Billerud, the companies form one of the strongest competence platforms on the market. Offering a combined knowledge of the paper industry, machinery industry and manufacturing.

Together with the Paper Straw Co®, we can help you drive
change and meet consumer needs to make a sustainable impact.
Contact us for more information on the U-Bend straw and business model:

Veronica Fylkner
Sales Manager Formable Solutions at Billerud
Mobile +46703803898 | Phone +46855333605
E-mail veronica.fylkner@billerud.com

Geert Pijper
Managing Director at the Paper Drinking Straw Company
Mobile +444867492860
E-mail geert@thepaperstraw.com


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