Our business model

Billerud makes high-quality paper and packaging materials from virgin fiber that support a circular economy. Our strategy focuses on attractive markets and product segments where we have strong abilities to compete.

Sustainability is at the core of our business model.

1. Wood fibers – the entire tree is used
Growing forest binds CO2 but also harvested trees contribute to a fossil free world.

  • 30% of a harvested tree becomes solid wood products
  • 30% becomes recyclable paper and packaging
  • 40% byproducts that become bioenergy

2. The kraft process recycles chemicals and generates energy
The chemicals used to release the fibers from the wood are recovered and reused in a cyclical process. Wood residues after fiber extension are used for energy.

3. Customers
Renewable and biodegradable materials for safe, lightweight and high-quality packaging that can replace fossil-based alternatives for the packaging of:

  • food and drinks
  • consumer and luxury products
  • medical and hygiene products
  • industrial applications

4. Consumers

5. Recycling
Materials made of virgin fiber can be made into recycled board used for less premium applications.

Human capital
6,000 employees

Manufacturing capital
9 production facilities

Natural capital
15 million m3 wood raw material

New trees are planted

When harvested, the whole trees are used for different purposes and certain parts of the trees are used in our production. We source the upper part of trees and woodchips from responsible managed forests to make pulp, paper and paperboard. We take responsibility for ensuring that the wood come from forests that are managed with respect for their importance to biodiversity and societies. For every harvested tree, new trees are planted, and growing forests absorb more carbon dioxide than standing forests.

Integrated mills and green energy

Billerud’s production facilities are located in Sweden, the USA and Finland, close to the raw material. All facilities except the converting facility in USA are operationally integrated mills that produce both paper or board as well as pulp. In our manufacturing process, green energy is generated and used mainly in our own processes. We also supply district heating and by-products that are used to produce biofuels.

Global sales of renewable materials

Our customers are primarily packaging manufacturers, but also merchants, commercial printers and publishers. Brand owners are key stakeholders as they set the requirements on the quality, safety, printability and sustainability of the material. Our materials are delivered to customers in over 100 countries. Our liquid packaging board alone is estimated to amount to more than 100 billion liquid carton packages per year. The products we provide are biodegradable and can replace materials with a larger carbon footprint. As we develop and launch new applications, more fossil-based packaging can be replaced.

Sustainable value chain

When our material has been used, it can be recycled many times and made into recycled fiber board, before finally being used for energy production. Our business flow and products form the basis of a sustainable value chain.

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We are proactively taking the lead in the transition to a circular society with packaging solutions that are renewable, recyclable and...