Billerud FibreForm® White Duo, Silk Plus Duo & Brown Duo propel branded goods into new dimensions

FibreForm® White Duo, FibreForm® Silk Plus Duo & FibreForm® Brown Duo opens up completely new perspectives with striking visual and tactile 3D effects.

Shape and protect brands

Thanks to unusually deep embossing and high tear resistant properties, FibreForm® White Duo, FibreForm® Silk Plus Duo & FibreForm® Brown Duo enhance brand attraction and guard against counterfeiting.

Create memories

3D packaging design is the key to creating memories. The sense of touch can create a lasting impression path for consumers as they enjoy and experience your product. And strong memories create strong brands – with loyal customers.

Touch hearts

Billerud FibreForm Board will run in typical carton operations for printing, die-cutting, folding and gluing. The 3D effects are generated through use of a customised engraved die, designed to the mechanical specifications of FibreForm, and delivered into the FibreForm board in the same stroke as die-cutting.

To find out more about these natural, renewable and sustainable 3D paperboards contact, exclusive laminator and distributor of FibreForm® White Duo, FibreForm® Silk Plus Duo & FibreForm® Brown Duo in Europe.

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