Pure Decor

Pure Decor is a superior quality liner within the Pure Liner range – a strong, multi-ply coated white top kraftliner with outstanding printing properties, with a smooth coated surface suited for both pre-and postprint applications. Made of 100% virgin fibres, it is a climate-smart choice – and it is backed up by our BoxLab expertise for packaging optimization and lightweighting opportunities.

Pure Decor – Appearance and strength

Multi-ply and light-coated

The fibre mix and the multi-layered construction give our liner the strength and stiffness needed for reducing the risk of washboarding.

The light coating gives Pure Decor a smooth surface that ensures high colour fidelity and quality image reproduction.

Pure Decor is a perfect fit for applications such as displays, shelf-ready packaging, premium consumer goods, and fruit & vegetables – Pure Decor also complies with the highest food safety standards.

Light, strong – and climate smart

Pure Decor, like the entire range of Billerud liners, is made of 100% virgin wood fibers - fibers that are exceptionally strong because they origin from slow-growing responsibly managed Nordic forests. In fact, Pure Decor is stronger than our closest competitor, while at the same time being lighter1.

The strength of Pure Decor saves you money. When you upgrade to Pure Decor you can choose a lighter basis weight than what you had before when using an ordinary liner. This is what we call lightweighting. Environmental impact is reduced, too, with reductions in energy utilization, emissions, transport, and waste generation.

1. Billerud Pure Decor™ 175 g basis weight, compared to Metsä Pro WKL (Light coated) 200 g basis weight. Data taken from publicly available Technical Data Sheets.

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A strong appearance

There is every reason to talk about both the strength and the appearance – because they are connected. The multi-ply structure and the careful selection of fibre mix make the kraftliner so strong that the corrugated box can endure demanding supply chains – and still look good.

Transport damage is kept down, even if the box is subjected to extreme temperatures, high humidity and rough handling.


• Fruit & Vegetables
• Processed & Fresh food
• Beverages
• Consumer Electronics
• Industrial

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Strong enough to lightweight

Strong primary fibres provide a great lightweighting opportunity for moving products all over the world. Save material costs on every produced unit. With leaner packaging you can also reduce your transport costs and lower your environmental impact. Superior strength and material consistency ensure reliability in production and outstanding runability speed.


Fighting climate change

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index has ranked Billerud a top position for four consecutive years among packaging companies. We work under the Swedish Forestry Act and all our virgin fibres come from responsibly managed forests. Companies such as ours play a vital role in the recycled paper market – without the addition of primary fibres the market would run out of recycled paper in a few months.

Top performer in strength

To make sure Pure Decor stands strong against the competition, we carried out a test. As you can see from the graph, it performed well and came out on top.



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