Attractive liners with excellent printability need to be thick and heavy, right? Wrong. Look closer at our coated liners and you’ll find multi-ply constructions and virgin fibers that make them so strong that you can choose a lighter liner than you currently use. In other words: you can be more resource efficient and still get better looking packaging.

Outstanding appearance

Boost shelf impact thanks to liners that are white and bright with a glossy, attractive surface with minimized washboarding.

High performance

Get unmatched stiffness and stability for high-speed runnability. So strong you can choose a lighter basis weight for lower costs.

Improved sustainability

Reduce your carbon footprint thanks to less, and resource efficient, material and improve your sustainability performance throughout the value chain. Made from virgin fibers from responsibly managed forests.

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Types of packaging

Pure Decor

A light-coated white top kraft liner with a smooth surface suited for high quality pre- and post-print flexo and digital print applications. Its high strength enables packaging optimization and carbon footprint reductions for high value consumer goods and food and beverage packaging solutions.

Pure Supreme

A double-coated white top kraft liner for litho-laminated packaging. Pure Supreme offers excellent print results, with lifelike image reproduction and perfect color fidelity. It’s also an ideal base for print effects like lacquer, foil stamping and embossing, making it a perfect choice for attractive packaging solutions.


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