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A complete family

A super-strong cartonboard extends the range with super-light grammages to be a super-strong portfolio. This means that CrownBoard Prestige offers a complete family to carry your brand’s highest standards of packaging performance and visual impact. The Prestige range covers ten grammages from 170 to 400 gsm.

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This means that a brand with products in many shapes, weights and sizes can choose the same high-grade cartonboard for all packages – with the same strength factor and a uniform high whiteness for a premium appearance. CrownBoard Prestige offers a consistent quality through the grammage range – one and the same board, from your smallest packages to your most heavy-duty needs.

Lightweighting on a new level

With the launch of CrownBoard Prestige 170 and 200 gsm we open up opportunities for brands to reduce their carbon footprint while saving cost significantly. When you upgrade to CrownBoard Prestige you can choose a lower grammage than what you had before.

Packaging weight can be reduced by up to 20% without compromising with packaging performance. Considering the fact that you buy cartonboard by the ton, here is big money to be saved. It all comes down to the strength of the material – provided through a 3-ply structure and an optimized mix of 100% primary fibres. The new low grammages are a result of the capabilities of the world’s most advanced board machine, KM7 in Grums, Sweden.

Light board – small footprint

For a brand with a sustainability profile, the packaging has to be consistent with the brand identity and sustainability message. Premium cartonboard fits the bill perfectly. Reduced packaging weight does not only reduce cost – it reduces environmental impact as well. Less raw material is needed, less energy and water are used, less waste is generated, less emissions are released, and there is less finished product to transport and warehouse. This means reductions all around.

But lightweighting is not the only factor that makes CrownBoard a climate-smart choice. It is made of 100% primary fibres that can be recycled 5 to 6 times and are biodegradable. The fibres originate from responsibly managed forests where planting new trees exceeds the logging, which makes cartonboard a renewable material. CrownBoard is available with FSC and PEFC certificates, meaning traceability is audited by an independent body. 

Dow Jones Sustainability Index has named BillerudKorsnäs industry leader in in the Containers & Packaging category three years in a row and is ranked among the ten percent most sustainable companies in the world. Read more about it here.

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