Billerud CrownBoard Prestige - defining sophistication

Billerud CrownBoard Prestige is our flagship product – carefully engineered to match or exceed the high expectations of premium brands. Packaging made of CrownBoard Prestige® is visually appealing and at the same time durable and hard-wearing – the combination of printability and strength is unique.


CrownBoard Prestige

CrownBoard Prestige is made for optimized consumer appeal, with distinctive print, lifelike colour reproduction, defined contrast, and sharp detail. You get uniform print without mottling or cloudiness. This is due to the bleached primary fibre in the top layer, the formation, smoothness, and coating properties.

The favourite of high-end health and beauty brands

The high-white appearance and the purity of the 100% primary fibre composition suits the brand image of health & beauty products as well as pharmaceuticals. Add to this a wide grammage range that includes super-light cartonboard and exceptional printing properties that also allows for enticing effects. And perfect results even with digital printing.

Excellence for luxury drinks

Imagine a tax-free shop with customers that are indecisive, yet in a hurry. The boxes of whiskies and champagnes have to be eye-catching and enticing to trigger rapid purchase decisions. A clear case for CrownBoard Prestige. And as it takes sturdy boxes that protect their contents well and endure a lot of handling, the strength and grip stiffness of CrownBoard Prestige comes into its own.

Creating the optimal packaging experience

You can sum it up in three words: Protection. Attraction. Function. It is crucial to score high on all three. Consider the whole handling chain, the store environment, and the package in the hands of the consumer. With CrownBoard and Billerud expertise onboard your project, you are in the clear.


Product Range

170 gsm 205 µm 8.1 pt
200 gsm 255 µm 10.0 pt
220 gsm 290 µm 11.4 pt
235 gsm 305 µm 12.0 pt
265 gsm 355 µm 14.0 pt
290 gsm 405 µm 15.9 pt
315 gsm 455 µm 17.9 pt
340 gsm 505 µm 19.9 pt
370 gsm 555 µm 21.9 pt
400 gsm 605 µm 23.8 pt

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