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The body wash and the board: a perfect match

This is a story about a partnership based on shared values, such as sustainability and innovation. Two companies that think alike, and both with an ambitious growth plan.

Premium body wash brand youbody, of Yardley, Pennsylvania, was launched in 2020. It is a brand with a purpose, offering customers a luxurious “just-left-the-spa” clean feel while making the smallest environmental impact possible. The body wash comes in the form of powder; the youbody range comprises eight mix-and-match scented powders. The customer can design his or her own fragrance of choice by mixing any three essences and adding just a bit of water; the powder is then dissolved in a patented dispensing tool and forms a rich lather that is ready to use in the bath or shower.

A sustainable solution

An ordinary body wash comes in a plastic bottle and most of the content is water. Youbodycaredoes not want to be any part of that. They will not transport water. In addition, instead of using plastic bottles that pollutes land and waters, their soap packs are biodegradable. The 10.5x3.2 cm boxes that hold the individual soap packets are made of CrownBoard Prestige 15.9 pt (290 gsm, 405μm). In the US, not many suppliers of packaging material measure up to the level of eco-friendliness youbodycare was after.

Sustainable body wash in sustainable packages with a high design factor and the strength to endure rough handling.

“We chose BillerudKorsnäs because of its sustainability credentials,” says Heather Fritzsche, CEO and founder of the youbodycare company. “Everything we do is about sustainability. We do not make any decisions that are not sustainable. What’s more: BillerudKorsnäs is mentioned by name both on the packs and in the sustainability section on our website. When asked about it, I say: Yes, I pack my products in the world’s most sustainable cartonboard from the world’s most sustainable packaging company.”

High-performance packs

For a premium brand, appearance is crucial. The packaging has to give customers the right impression and add to the premium image. Because youbodyTM is sold exclusively online, the packaging design has to stand out both on the screen (where the buying decision is made) and in real life (where high expectations must be met). This puts great demands on the pack’s printing properties and general packaging performance.

“We are a consumer brand and these boxes will go through the US postal service. They are going to get beaten up and thrown around,” says Ms. Fritzsche. “I needed the strongest cartonboard in the market and that’s another great reason why we use BillerudKorsnäs board.”

CrownBoard Prestige

It’s the unique combination of strength and printability that makes CrownBoard Prestige the first choice of premium brands.

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