Creating the optimal packaging experience

Regardless if a purchase is made in-store or online – for your packaging solution, the same rules apply. The optimal packaging experience is when the product travels in style: well protected to arrive in perfect condition, with a likeable look-and-feel and smart, user-friendly features. Protection. Attraction. Function.

It begins with your product – size, weight, shape, characteristics. Soft, hard, fragile? Then, there is the whole handling chain and the point of sale to consider: alignment with the brand, differentiation, visual impact, consumer interaction. Packaging design is no easy task. Which is why we have made CrownBoard strong and shapeable to open up for creative solutions – and offering ready access to expertise in structural design.

Your #1 Brand Booster

Protecting the bottle

Expensive, breakable and heavy, that’s what bottles of luxury drinks have in common. For good protection, the packaging needs to be strong and sturdy. When you choose CrownBoard, you will not only get the strength and grip stiffness you need, but also unmatched shapeability. And compared with corrugated board, CrownBoard offers rich graphical design possibilities, such as deep embossing and lavish foils and varnishes.

Beauty inside

For the cosmetics and health & beauty segments, looks are everything. Beauty inside calls for beauty on the outside. Design and visual impact drive sales: the package has to grab attention, be different and have the “gotta-have-it factor”. It’s what CrownBoard Prestige was made for, with its wide grammage range, shapeability, high-white appearance and a printing surface perfected for bold designs.

Sweet content

Every single segment or application area places new, specific demands on the packaging material and designs. For example, CrownBoard is taint and odour free, and approved for direct contact with food according to an ISO standard – a requirement for market segments such as confectionery. Lightweight and pliable, the material also allows for designing user-friendly features – like open/close functions for easy dispensing.

Making more from less

When you upgrade to CrownBoard, you can reduce packaging weight by up to 20 percent – 10% at an average. Without compromising packaging performance! This is because a strong and stiff board performs better than a weaker board. As a result, less raw material used, less energy consumed, less waste, and more sheets on each pallet. You save cost and reduce your environmental footprint.

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