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Precious impressions

Your packaging is an important part of the brand experience. When you realize this, you can use the packaging to your advantage to add value to your brand and your product. CrownBoard Prestige helps your brand stand out and shine.

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Precious demonstrator printed and converted on CrownBoard Prestige 290 gsm/405µm/15.9 pt – CMYK print, silver foil, UV varnish with silver flakes, embossing, and print varnish.

The package is often a consumer's first encounter with a brand. So, it sets a level of expectations. The visual impact, the appearance, the function, the design, etc, tells the consumer something about the brand. It’s a tough job for your packaging solution; it has to protect the product, draw the consumer’s attention, create interest, communicate the brand, convey information, and sell the product. Your packaging is in fact your #1 brand communication tool.

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This is precisely why we have developed CrownBoard – our cartonboard portfolio – the way we have. And when it comes to consumer appeal, CrownBoard Prestige is the material that best meets the demands of premium brands. We have tweaked all features of CrownBoard Prestige to optimize look & feel, design possibilities, and function.

In-store vs online

Making a strong impression is not only about brand/consumer interaction in the store, where the right signals trigger a purchase. The same things apply to online shopping. The big difference is that the moment of truth comes with the unboxing. That’s when the true encounter happens. That’s when the brand experience is determined by the packaging – how it looks, how it feels in your hands, what expectations are set, and whether your perception of the brand is confirmed.

Because brand equity is based on perception, CrownBoard Prestige offers a material that best meets the demands of premium brands.

This is where CrownBoard Prestige comes in, with an appearance that inspires and emphasizes the value of the brand/product, flawless packaging performance, and user benefits that tick the right boxes:
• outstanding combination of strength and printability
• taste and odour neutral – essential for confectionery and other food products
• well-documented sustainability credentials
• wide grammage range to accommodate a large span of applications

CrownBoard Prestige offers an unmatched printing surface as well as a strong and tensile material that allows for the use of advanced techniques and effects.

Excellent print results – thanks to the smooth high-white surface and a unique, new coating recipe, CrownBoard Prestige offers an unmatched printing surface. You get vibrant colours, high colour fidelity and lifelike image reproduction. The result is high in-store shelf impact and optimal conditions for communicating your brand.

Inspiring visual effects – beyond mere colour printing, CrownBoard Prestige allows for the use of advanced techniques and effects. The material is strong and tensile, which means that you get flawless deep embossing, creating an interesting 3D-like effect. The multi-coated surface is also optimized for foil stamping and application of effect varnishing, to make your packaging shine and sparkle, and show a play of contrasting surface textures. It’s like visual music.

Function – the strength and shapeability of CrownBoard Prestige means a wider scope for creative structural design, higher feasibility of user-friendly features, and neat folding and scoring without cracking or fraying edges. This makes a difference for the impression the package makes – and the perception of the brand.

Packaging is branding, to quote a phrase. It’s most important for premium brands, because they have more to lose if the brand image is damaged in any way. Brand equity is based on perception.

Designing with CrownBoard

Sustainability included – wherever “luxury” or “premium” is defined as something authentic, natural, and pure.

To show the design possibilities and the visual effects that CrownBoard can achieve, we offer a swatchbook full of advanced printing techniques that inspires and makes an impact on consumers. And we took it a step further as well: we applied selected artwork on three iconic structural designs created by the Carton Solutions team. The design showcased in this article is called Precious.

Facts – the Precious demonstrator

Material: CrownBoard Prestige 290 gsm/405µm/15.9 pt
Ink: Vanson UV TIO
Print varnish: Novaset 4401/40 ECO Neutral
Foil: Kurz Alofin Matt (silver)
UV varnish: TOYOINK UV Varnish Screen excure + TOYOINK UV Varnish Screen excure with silver flakes 1 PE 008 HEX


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