KM7 the world´s most modern board machine

We have built KM7 to be able to supply a global market with sustainable, premium quality packaging material of strong, primary fibers from responsibly managed Nordic forests. It is a big part of our journey to make a difference, fight climate change and contribute to a sustainable future.


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A big shift for the industry

One of Sweden’s biggest industrial investments ever, to supply a growing market with premium paper-based packaging material.

A big shift for innovation

A capacity of 100 million 1-litre milk cartons a day. What’s more: a capability of lighter basis weights, higher stock purity and quality enhancements.

A big shift for the environment

Higher energy efficiency. And as always: 100% pure primary wood fibre from a renewable source. 

Produced on KM7

Liquid Packaging Board

Key figures

550,000 tonnes
350 metres
Warehousing space
20,000 m2
Operational speed
60 km/h

Capacity for high availability

There is a growing global demand for climate-smart packaging. Because world population grows and environmental awareness is spreading and developing. Our new board machine, with a 550,000-tonne annual capacity, helps fill the supply gap. When fully operational, BillerudKorsnäs mills combined ensure high availability and higher service levels – and more product delivered in shorter lead-times.

A wide scope for innovation

The new, big, state-of-the art board machine is not only fast. It is also precise, producing material of outstanding consistency on some 20 quality parameters. But what widens the scope for innovation is the capability to make super-light liner, board and liquid packaging board. This will extend the grammage range of our products and open up for more lightweighting Projects.

Performance for sustainability

The machine clearly signifies a big shift towards sustainability, in terms of energy efficiency, renewable raw material and the recyclability of product. All systems that make up this giant machine are based on proven technologies. It is the fine-tuning, integration and optimization that make the difference.

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