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Our Cartonboard Development Team has the creativity to help make your packaging stand out on the shelf. And the experience and technology to make it sturdy, lightweight, cost effective and sustainable. After more than 3000 custom packaging projects, we know what works and what doesn’t. Together we can create packaging solutions that grab the attention and tell the story that your brand deserves.

How we can help

Lightweight your packaging solutions by up to 39%

Reduce carbon emissions throughout your entire supply chain. Our packaging optimization experts show you how you can combine the best material with the best structural design to save weight without compromising performance.

Creative packaging solutions - faster

In our Rapid Design Workshops, we develop creative packaging concepts together with your own designers and managers. The workshops are supported by advanced, scientific equipment for verifying the performance of the CAD prototypes, and often result in significantly shorter development processes.

We help you improve process efficiency and deliver on time

By adding our know-how and experience to the mix, our Cartonboard Development Team acts as a dynamic catalyst that energizes and promotes cooperation between converters and brand owners. The result is more informed decision making, efficient and functional packaging solutions, and faster time to market.

Boost your team’s know-how

Sign up for our workshops and seminars about anything from the possibilities of the cartonboard material to efficient production. Other popular subjects are lightweighting and the challenges and solutions in achieving sustainable packaging optimization.

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