The strength to make more from less

Lightweighting means getting more packaging from less raw material. Production is leaner. Less energy is used. It is choosing a lower grammage for your packaging, without jeopardizing packaging performance. 

The big savings

On average a 10% reduction, up to 20%, with savings all along the value chain.

Strength is the key

Material strength, multi-layered structure, primary fibres. Strong, stiff, shapeable.

Our expertise at your service

Carton Solutions will optimize your packaging. Workshop, new ideas, testing, advice.

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How can lightweighting affect your brand?

Take on the lightweighting challenge

We have designed a set of nine 7x7 cm boxes – made of nine grammages of our cartonboard Billerud White. Can you arrange them by weight from the lightest to the heaviest? No easy task – even seasoned professionals have been known to fail. Regardless if you make it or not: the lightweighting opportunities will become obvious. Contact us and give it a try.

Take advantage of our expertise

With the knowledge to make the most of the material, Carton Solutions will help lightweight your packaging. Our experts will optimize structural design, user-friendliness and best material utilization. Prototypes of the new lightweight package are tested to verify packaging performance.

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