Billerud QuickFill® Clean – down to zero cement loss

Up to 99% dust reduction

Down to zero cement loss

100% biodegradable

Increase revenue

Billerud QuickFill® Clean paper sacks are so clean that they have a positive impact on the entire supply chain. Sustainable packaging for products, with exact filling and down to zero product loss mean more profit and a healthier work environment.

Lower your carbon footprint with QuickFill® Plus

The cement industry aims for carbon neutrality by 2050, requiring significant efforts. Reducing the clinker-to-cement ratio is crucial for cutting CO2 emissions but results in higher Blaine cement needing new packaging. You face two challenges: 1) A sack that fills fine-powdered cement quickly, and 2) a sustainable sack. QuickFill® Plus from Billerud addresses both with its ultra-breathable, strong paper, keeping cement in while letting air out. It is also recyclable and biodegradable.

Increase your revenue

The high porosity of Billerud QuickFill sack paper in combination with high strength results in faster filling and, more importantly, ensures that no product escapes through the wall of the sacks.

Lose no cement

As a cement producer, you know that 1–1.5% cement is lost in filling and handling when using WPP sacks, while perforated paper needs to be strong to be competitive. With QuickFill Clean you can go from 3 to 2-ply, or 2 to 1-ply, with maintained strength. QuickFill Clean is extremely porous, allowing for efficient filling without overfilling or perforation. Expect down to zero cement loss in filling and handling.

Leave no trace

Inhalation of cement dust is extremely harmful. QuickFill Clean paper sacks keep cement where it belongs – in the sack. Cement dust doesn’t escape during filling or afterwards. You get a cleaner, healthier work environment for factory staff, customers and society – proof that QuickFill Clean is the sustainable packaging for cement on all counts.

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