What if packaging could just disappear?

Construction projects in our growing world are driving the need for building materials and packaging. We thought: What if that packaging could just disappear? So, we developed Billerud D-Sack® – the cement sack that disappears in the mixer.

Science. Not Magic.

D-Sack is our paper cement sack that disappears in the mixer, eliminating packaging waste, minimising handling time and creating a cleaner and safer workplace. D-Sack is based on innovative science and a patented 2-ply barrier solution.

The benefits of D-Sack®

Saving time

Saving health

Saving waste

D-Sack performs exceptionally well in filling, transport and storage. It disintegrates only through mechanical action in combination with aggregate and water.

30% lower climate impact

D-Sack has 30% lower climate impact than conventional cement sacks. A life cycle assessment conducted by the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, confirmed that D-Sack is a CO2 sink in a hundred-year perspective because the carbon dioxide bound during tree growth and then incorporated into the paper, remains in the concrete structure.

Learn more about our materials and solutions

We can help you create new paper sacks, or optimise your current solutions with renewable and recyclable packaging material. Our expertise and lab services range from insights in packaging trends and innovations, which we readily share with you, to scientific tests and analyses – giving you a truly competitive advantage.

Frequently asked questions

Function, Difference to Standard Paper Sacks, Use

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