Billerud FibreForm® paper cups – shape everyday brand experiences

Billerud FibreForm is a natural, renewable and sustainable material that opens the door for broad and compelling innovations in paper cup design. It is a protective packaging solution that gives you embossed paper cups in exciting designs that deliver an emotional and tactile experience to your customers.

A white paper cup with a few crayons inside.

Keeping up the style

Get striking visual and tactile 3D effects in packaging up to 10 times the depth and detail of a traditional paper cup sleeve. Billerud FibreForm allows for never before seen creative paper cup design. Your imagination sets the limit.

Keeping in touch

Billerud FibreForm sleeves on paper cups create insulated paper cups that enrich the sensory experience of drinking hot beverages. FibreForm sleeves are quite simply protective packaging solutions that add extra levels to consumer experience.

Keeping cool

Thermal insulation can protect the contents of a container from warm hands as well. In other words, containers of ice cream also benefit from embossed Billerud FibreForm sleeves, not just for brand enhancing purposes.

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We can help you create new formed paper packaging solutions, or optimise your current packaging. Our expertise and lab services range from insights in creative packaging trends and innovations, which we readily share with you, to scientific tests and analyses – giving you a truly competitive advantage.

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Increase your competitive advantage through our packaging engineering where we evaluate, improve and optimise existing solutions.

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