The sound of Pure Performance™

Pure Performance, our new White Top Kraftliner can help you create both stronger and lighter packaging thanks to its superior strength and unique 3-ply construction. Combining three layers of primary fibres – sounds like music to our ears, and with the help of our turntable LP calculator you can tune in to your new lower grammage.

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A top ply with short white primary fibres optimised for excellent printing

A middle ply creating bulk and stiffness for stability and reduced washboarding

A bottom ply of unbleached long primary fibres for a foundation of supreme strength


• Fruit & Vegetables
• Processed & Fresh food
• Beverages
• Consumer Electronics
• Industrial

Strong enough to lightweight

Strong primary fibres provide a great lightweighting opportunity for moving products all over the world. Save material costs on every produced unit. With leaner packaging you can also reduce your transport costs and lower your environmental impact. Superior strength and material consistency ensure reliability in production and outstanding runability speed.


Fighting climate change

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index has ranked Billerud a top position for four consecutive years among packaging companies. We work under the Swedish Forestry Act and all our virgin fibres come from responsibly managed forests. Companies such as ours play a vital role in the recycled paper market – without the addition of primary fibres the market would run out of recycled paper in a few months.

Top performer in strength

To make sure Pure Performance stands strong against the competition, we carried out a test. As you can see from the graph, it performed well and came out on top.

KM7 – the world’s most modern board machine

An enabler of this new product
550,000 tonnes
350 metres
Warehousing space
20,000 m2
Operational speed
60 km/h


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