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Unlimited design possibilities

The launch of 170 and 200 gsm CrownBoard Prestige gives a packaging designer a license to go absolutely crazy with techniques and effects even with a light-grammage board. It’s an opportunity to defy limitations and indulge in a packaging design extravaganza. Go ahead with printing, embossing, foil stamping, and die cutting. Or go minimalistic – the surface is appealing in itself and can be part of the design.

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Less is more. But more is more, too!

Not any cartonboard stands up to extensive post-print processes. But CrownBoard Prestige is strong enough, despite the light weight and low thickness. It is the strength combined with a smooth, high-white and glossy surface that give the designer freedom to create expressive packaging with a brand identity. Playful or conservative. Artistic or understated. Adorned or strict. But always best in class.

It’s all about visual impact – in the store, on the screen, and when unboxing. It’s about differentiation, to stand out and catch the eye – and be better, brighter and more seductive in that split second a buying decision is made. This is true about health & beauty products, cosmetics, and confectionery; all of which are often bought on impulse and have use for lightweight, high-performance packs.

Multiple design options

To hint at the wealth of design possibilities, we have made an effect sample where a number of techniques are used: CMYK printing, cutting and folding, glossy spot UV varnish, black gloss screen print, embossed micro-engraved metal hotfoil, and water-based environmentally friendly print varnish. Check it out for yourself! Click here to order.

It goes beyond packaging

Visual impact sells paperback books, too. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but that’s exactly what readers do. The visuals send a certain set of signals that trigger expectations and associations. Colours, type, imagery, post-print techniques. A quality cartonboard with the right printing surface can carry it off. Others can’t.

The same thing applies to greeting cards. You would rather buy – and receive – beautifully designed quality cards than cards that are not. And this is where low-grammage CrownBoard Prestige comes in, too.


Benefits are easily explained

How come this lightweight board is so strong? And how come it gives you these high-quality print results? Low grammages of this quality are made possible because they are produced at KM7, the world’s most modern board machine. Despite the low basis weight and low thickness the board is engineered in a 3-ply structure, which makes it strong – and it is made of 100% primary fibres. As for the printing surface, it’s a result of the state-of-the-art fibre formation capabilities and coating technology used for the entire Prestige range, plus the latest developments in coating recipes.   

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