Billerud CrownBoard Craft – probably the world’s strongest cartonboard

Strength. That is what Billerud CrownBoard Craft is all about. And that is what makes this cartonboard versatile, best-selling, and perfect for lightweighting. Whatever cartonboard you are using today you can change to CrownBoard Craft and use a significantly lower grammage – without compromising packaging performance.


CrownBoard Craft

CrownBoard Craft is a super-strong, multi-ply board made of 100% primary wood fibres. The white, multi-coated top side ensures quality printability to match most all-white boards. The brown reverse side accentuates the strength and offers an original, rustic appeal. The entire grammage range is optimized for lightweighting, to save cost and reduce environmental impact.

The great bottle protector

Precious bottles of champagne, brandy and whisky are safe with CrownBoard Craft. Great strength also means reliable packaging of any heavy product, sturdy shelf-ready packaging, and hanging displays. And versatility goes on: the durability makes Craft very popular with everything from glassware and electronics to confectionery and frozen foods.

Outperforming plastic

This box of screws, nuts and bolts can be left outside in the rain and snow for a couple of weeks. It’s made of CrownBoard Craft. And it’s specially selected for the brand owner’s initiative to reduce the use of plastic on construction sites. With Craft, Arvid Nilsson found a packaging material that was equal to the task and a supplier that shared their visions and ambitions.


Product Range

245 gsm 365 µm 14.4 pt
265 gsm 400 µm 15.7 pt
285 gsm 430 µm 16.9 pt
300 gsm 455 µm 17.9 pt
315 gsm 480 µm 18.9 pt
330 gsm 510 µm  20.1 pt
345 gsm 535 µm 21.1 pt
375 gsm 585 µm 23.0 pt
405 gsm 630 µm 24.8 pt
460 gsm 745 µm 29.3 pt

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