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Carton Solutions is a team of specialists who provide a range of expert services to make your packaging solution functional, sustainable, cost effective, inspiring, and appealing. Our expertise is there for brands that seek innovative design ideas and for printers and converters who want a sounding board or advice on material performance and selection.  

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In the brief, we define the project and its objectives together. It involves demands and conditions in terms of product, transport and handling chain, point of sale, and target audience.

Structural design

This phase often begins with a workshop focusing on function, user-friendliness, and handling. We process measurements, create design sketches and evaluate options

Material assessment

With our expertise in material, we select the most suitable material in terms of feasibility, strength, printing properties, cost factors, and lightweighting opportunities.

Prototyping and testing

We create CAM prototypes for testing any proposed solution under real-life conditions. Our lab has the advanced technical equipment to assess a packaging solution on all relevant parameters.


Endurance tests simulate the strain and loads that the package will be exposed to in transport and handling.


The test report shows the performance of the tested alternatives and explains our recommendation. You can expect a recommendation within two weeks after the briefing date.

Speed up your packaging development process!

Move fast from idea to realization: a Rapid Design Workshop together with Carton Solutions cuts lead-times in the development process. Two workshop sessions of ideas, sketches and design work result in ready-to-use prototypes in a couple of days’ time. Digital workshops or IRL, it’s your choice.

Creating the optimal packaging experience

You can sum it up in three words: Protection. Attraction. Function. It is crucial to score high on all three. Consider the whole handling chain, the store environment, and the package in the hands of the consumer. With CrownBoard and Billerud expertise onboard your project, you are in the clear.

Lightweighting – make more from less

When you upgrade to CrownBoard for your packaging, you can choose a lower grammage than you used to have – without compromising packaging performance. This is because a strong, tough and stiff multi-layered cartonboard performs better than a thicker single-ply board. Lightweight packaging saves cost and reduces impact on the environment.

Packaging innovation and optimization

For Carton Solutions, an assignment can be to optimize a feature or function of an existing packaging solution or create an entirely new packaging concept. We have the expertise, experience and advanced lab equipment to create your new high-performance, sustainable packaging.

Workshops and seminars

We enjoy sharing our knowledge. Our Cartonboard School conveys the basics about the material. Carton Solutions also offers workshops and seminars in sustainable packaging, lightweighting, technical issues, and inspiration for higher shelf impact.

Carton Calculator – construct your own packaging

With our Carton Calculator, you can optimize your packaging construction in relation to your chosen product material. Use this simple tool to define your packaging measurements, transport conditions, humidity and stacking method, to ensure you receive the best possible packaging for your requirements.

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