Wood Supply’s trainee program

Are you ready to take your career to new heights in the forestry industry? Here's your chance to develop your skills with us! Billerud Wood Supply is a department whose main task is to supply our production facilities with fiber raw materials from the forest.

We welcome you to apply for a special opportunity where you, as a participant in Wood Supply's trainee program will receive an introduction to our forestry operations, during a period of just over 6 months. Here, you will deepen your knowledge within a professional role while also being introduced to other parts of the business, such as forestry and timber trading, which will be valuable for your future career with us at Billerud Wood Supply.

The program involves learning about our operations, both theoretically and practically. The purpose of the trainee program is to ensure our long-term competence supply in important positions within our forestry operations. It also aims to stimulate personal development through increased knowledge in your role. Our trainee program is brand new, so seize the opportunity to secure one of the first spots that will give you a new opportunity in your career journey.

Application period

The program will have a break during 2023 and is expected to resume in 2024.

In your application, we want you to explain why you should be selected for the program. Most importantly, you should have the desire to learn and develop. We encourage innovative thinking and the willingness to contribute to the team's success. After the application period ends, we will begin the selection process, and you can expect some form of feedback in early June.

Our recruitment process

  • Recruitment tests, including logical and personality tests, to make an unbiased decision. (Tip: practice similar tests beforehand - just a Google search away)

  • Interview with the recruiting manager and HR (Tip: before the interview, reflect on why you want to join the program and why you think you would make a good trainee.)

  • References from your previous work, internships, or education.

  • Alcohol and drug testing (due to safety reasons, everyone who joins us has to take these tests).

Our goal is to offer you a new professional role at Billerud Wood Supply at the end of the program, where you can continue your development journey with us in your new position.

See our available positions here